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My dearest friends and family,

I feel very heavy hearted to find myself leaving behind my Independent Midwifery career this year. It has been a hard decision to make as I have always told myself to go forward in life but feel I am no longer able to do this with Independent Midwifery.

I have been presented with many challenges and experiences in my career, the overwhelming majority of which have been a positive journey to travel and the few that haven’t I have learned from.

Each and everyone I have met along the way holds a special place in my heart and will do so for a very long time – I have always said that midwifery is the best job I have ever had.

I send my love and support to my remaining Independent colleagues and the very best for their future.

To all of the mothers, fathers, grandparents and generations to come, to support your future of decision making and choices in midwifery care you can join the ongoing campaigns, go to the How YOU can help page.

Here is a picture of my mothers’ midwife who ‘caught’ me back in 1961, the beautiful Vivien Frazer (nee Ellis).

Michelle Twiselton, and Vivien Frazer

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